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New Prohibition on the Import of Illegally Logged Timber


TThe Australian Government has introduced legislation controlling illegally logged timber and timber products imported into Australia.

The new laws are designed to reduce the harmful environmental, social and economic impacts of illegal logging and promote the trade in legal timber. The laws apply to timber importers as well as to processors of raw logs grown in Australia. The law is consistent with Australia’s international trade obligations.

The Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 (the Act) makes it an offence to import timber or timber products that have been harvested in contravention of laws in force in the place (whether or not in Australia) where the timber was harvested.

Under the new legislation, illegally logged timber is timber that us not harvested in accordance with the applicable laws in the country in which the timber was sourced.

Substantial penalties can apply to those who knowingly, intentionally or recklessly import or process illegally logged timber.


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